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How to Style Your Built-In Shelves

For many of us even this simple task can seem a bit overwhelming. Mastering that balance of stylish not stark • tasteful not cluttered. We are sharing some of our tricks to create stylish shelves each and every time and the best part is no interior design experience in needed!

No.1 • Clean Slate

We recommend removing everything from your shelves before you start. This is a great way to really step back and make sure everything works as a whole.

No.2 • Color Palette

It's always good to have a color palette, so you can make everything look cohesive and clean.

No.3 • Gather Piece

Pulling together some pieces you would like to include before you start will help to make sure you have some sentimental pieces and practical pieces. Ideas for things to include are plants, baskets, decorative boxes, candles, books, vases, artwork, family pictures or flowers.

No.4 • Top Shelf

I'm sure every designer out there would disagree with this method, as they tend to want to look at the entire space as they work, but here goes nothing. So, we would start with your top shelf and work our way down. On this shelf, you want to make sure you spread the decor over the entire shelf in a variety of heights. We would make sure we have the top shelf the way we would want it and then move on to...

No.5 • Varying textures

Layering in a few different textures - wood, ceramic, glass and metal elements can really add dimension. You want to do this on the top shelf and then pull pieces that compliment them on the remaining shelves.

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