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Room Challenge • The Foyer

The foyer is that space that gives a welcoming first impression for your home, but that doesn't mean it only has to look good. We recommend it also be functional. Let's point out the creative ways you can make this space multi-functional!

Vision • No.1 • Extra Storage

There are some unique ways to easily make this space work as additional storage in your home. Add a cabinet that has closed doors where you can store shoes, hats, gloves and anything else you might need. Make sure the cabinet fits the wall nicely and isn't oversized for the space. Already have a console table or like the look of a more open, shelf like look? Add large baskets to the bottom shelf and store items out of plain sight. There are a wide variety of baskets and bins to find some that compliment your style.


Vision • No.2 • Office Space

With more and more people working remotely, you could easily make this space an office. Instead of the traditional table in the room, make it a sleek desk. The chair can be removed when not in use and stored in another adjoining room or closet. Most office spaces tend to have the same items you would find on the top of a desk like a lamp, vase and books. Use those items to make the space your own while storing staplers, tape, papers and other items tucked away in drawers.

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