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Weddington Green Project

Weddington Green, Weddington Gone
Photo By: Mark Miller

We want to hear from you • Where do you stand about Weddington Green?


Not familiar with what's going on?

Weddington Town Council is considering changing the zoning on an 85-acre piece of land at the intersection of Providence Road and Route 84. Currently, this area is zoned residential, and the consideration is to change the zoning to conditional use.

What is Weddington Green?

Weddington Green is a project that would bring retail, office space and high-density housing into Weddington. The idea is similar to the ever-popular Waverly. It would include restaurants, bars, medical offices and maybe even a brewery.

What Makes Weddington, Well, Weddington!

As we all know some of the big attractions to the Weddington area is that it has highly ranked schools, high property values, small town feel, desirable homes and that the town is mostly residential. It is one of the few towns around the Charlotte area that has stayed true to that being what the town has always been. It is close to so many things but yet, held on to that true residential feel. Zoning has played a key role in that.

The Challenges

The growth and population density even currently are far outpacing infrastructure. Our schools are over capacity. Our roads are not built to function with the growing number of people on them. By adding multi-purpose or high-density housing we would be creating an even bigger strain.

Weddington Green, Weddington Gone

One of our Weddington residents, Mark Miller, is trying to bring awareness to this project and help Weddington hold to zoning that has continued to make Weddington what it is today. You may have seen some of the signs along Antioch Church Road or even the one pictured above. His message, Weddington Green = Weddington Gone. He is asking residents to consider rejecting the rezoning and for city council to deny the changes. He has set up a petition online you can sign and express your thoughts, should you feel the same way. Click Here to sign.

Learn More?

Please attend the Weddington Town Council Meeting on March 14th • 7:00 PM. The location has been changed from Weddington Town to All Saints Angelican Church • 5328 Hemby Road to accommodate the residents interested in attending.




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