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Charlotte has slowly been progressing when it comes to delicious plant-based hotspots! While we all know that most restaurants have a few Vegan options on the menu, some of us would like to try more than just salads and french fries. These are some of our favorites must tries that are dishing up Vegan on a higher level.

No.1 | Oh My Soul • NoDa

Vegan and non-vegans alike are flocking to Oh My Soul to try some of their creative dishes with an African undertone. Some of the dishes will make you question if they really are meat or not, but we can guarantee you they are not. The decor really embraces the ethics associated with veganism and raises awareness, but not in an overpowering way. The playful, colorful atmosphere adds to the experience. You can tell that everyone here loves what they do and that they really do believe that "the future is vegan!"

What we order • Grilled BBQ Vibs or Mozi Shrimp

3046 N. Davidson St. • 704.891.4664 $$


No.2 | Romeo's Vegan Burgers • South Charlotte

When it comes to a plant-based burger, Romeo's by far is our favorite. What once was a food truck that gained serious popularity and with long lines; the demand was so great that they were able to open a brick-and-mortar location with drive thru - yes, we said vegan drive thru. They not only are making the most delicious vegan burgers, but they are also making it super convenient to eat healthy!

What we order • Barbecue Bacon Burger

5518 South Blvd. • 704.343.1085 $-$$


No.3 | Plant Joy • Camp North End

Taking playing with your food to a fun level, as all of their dishes are lovely and colorful! It's one of those places where the dishes are so creative you will want to take a pic. This little restaurant is adding to the lively make-up of Camp North End and is serving up the freshest options. Their staff does a great job of explaining everything and they have pictures of most of their dishes which makes the process of selecting a little easier. We have tried quite a few things on the menu, and everything has been delicious!

What we order • Socca and Salad

1801 N. Graham St. • Ste 101 • 980.237.4855 $-$$


No.4 | Fern • Dilworth

This is one of the original Vegan | Vegetarian restaurants here in the Queen City! They have been serving everything fresh, crisp and flavorful dishes since 2011. The menu is seasonal and really focused on the vegetables and fruits being harvested. You feel like you have stepped into a garden with all the fern impressions throughout. The large patio is a great spot to take in a little sunshine!

What we order • Buffalo Cauliflower and Roasted Beets

1419 East Blvd. • Suite A • 704.377.1825 $$


As we all know, Vegan doesn't always mean everything is healthy. Some of these vegan spots are serving up some seriously starch heavy options and sweet treats. Just be careful about your choices and ask questions, should you need a little help.

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