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If dessert is the best part of a meal, you have a serious sweet tooth or you just really a good sugar fix; we are listing our favorite sweets and sharing where you need to go if you want the best of the best!

• All images have come from the instagram accounts of the companies. Interested in supporting these talented bakers? Click on the picture and follow away! •

Daphne's is making 8 versions of brownies using recipes they have been baking for generations. The Peggy's Chocolate is a classic that is timeless. The Girl's Best Friend and the S'mores are equally delicious, so we would suggest you try them all!

How to order • Order online here and then pick up curbside at 7609 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd.


Cake coated in white or milk chocolatey goodness, and SAS Cupcakes is making the most amazing cake pops and even really fun cakesicles. They are making everything from scratch daily. They have some flavors that are daily, including vanilla vanilla, chocolate chocolate, red velvet and then specialty flavors daily and specially. There cupcakes are equally as amazing!

How to order • Order online or run by and visit them • 9941 Rea Rd.


We know there are some amazing cake makers out there but the flavor and moistness that Mainely Cupcakes brings to each cake is unbelievable. Her creations are little masterpieces and make any event that much more fun. No matter how big or small the event, Cassandra can make it

How to order • Order online here or reach out via instagram


When it comes to rich and delectable cheesecakes, no one makes them better than Burney's! They have a wide variety of flavors...classic NY or a white chocolate raspberry or unique ones like banana, turtle and cream brulee • shown

How to order • Run by and visit them or give them a call • 116 E. South Main St. • 980.224.537


Cinnamon Rolls | Cinnaholic • Indian Trail

We know so many think of cinnamon rolls as being a breakfast options, but Cinnaholic is taking amazing cinnamon rolls to the next level with some really great toppings making them more of an anytime dessert. We can't get enough of the Cookie Monster Roll with the cookie dough on top of the cinnamon roll. So good!

How to order • Order online here or run by and visit them • 6461 Old Monroe Rd.


For more than two years, cocoa bombs have been wildly popular, especially near the holiday season. Three Boys Bakery is making the most decadent cocoa bombs with unique flavors like pumpkin, mint, mocha latte, salted chocolate and more. To make these you simply pop one in a mug and then pour 8 oz. of milk or water over the top, stir and drink.

How to order • Send direct message on Instagram or Facebook


Cookies | Ducks in a Row • Waxhaw

While we have only been in the area for about two years, we have learned that the cookie biz is a little bit of a serious business in the Weddington | Waxhaw | Indian Trail area. From those we have tried, which is quite a few, no one is making a cookie more delicious than Kimberly of Ducks in a Row. Maybe it's the buttery sugar cookie base or that she decorates with butter cream, but no matter the combination, this truly is the most flavorful and tasty cookie we have had in the area.

How to order • DM or email


There is no better crumb cake anywhere in the Queen City and surrounding areas. The New York style crumb cakes are baked to order and offering the classics, plus some seasonal flavors you don't want to miss. While the classic is a big hit for us...we also love the Funfetti for birthdays and celebratory events, but to be honest, we have a sweet spot for the Cookies and Cream.

How to order • Order online here or text 516.316.8998 for information • Pick up after confirmation at 209 Red Twig Ct.


From the moment you walk into the store it smells like heavenly desserts and then your eyes hit their cupcake display and you know you are about to have the best experience. They will have your traditional flavors and then a good mix of seasonal or holiday creations. The one thing you can count on is the presentation will be eye catching!

How to order • Order online here or run by and visit them • 201 W. South Main St.


These gourmet donuts are made fresh daily and sold until they run out. They take making these fluffy, pillowy donuts seriously and match the perfect flavor combinations and filling. They have a few flavors they consider their classics, but they really pride themselves on being extraordinary, so they feature some really powerful monthly flavors. Believe us, their heaven in your mouth, which is what the team at Your Mom's Donuts were hoping for.

How to order • Order ahead a few days in advance here or walk-up and order • 11025 Monroe Rd.


When it comes to fudge no one makes it quite as good as Iva Jean's Fudge. Offered in a variety of flavors and some of them seasonal, even if you aren't the biggest milk chocolate fan surely you will like one of the other flavor pairings. For those who just can't get enough fudge, they offer a subscription to their fudge of the month club.

How to order • Online at Iva Jean's Fudge or run by Provisions Waxhaw and pick some up • 107 S. Main St.


Using simple and fresh ingredients, The Local Scoop is making homemade ice cream daily. They offer diary and non-dairy options, so no matter your dietary restrictions, there is something for everyone. You can get a treat in store or you can buy a pint and take it home to devour later.

How to order • Run by and visit them • 5355 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy.


Sunflour Bakery is serving up some of the most delicious muffins. They usually have some seasonal flavors, poppy seed, banana chocolate, blueberry and the one that makes us the happiest, the morning glory. The morning glory has carrots, apple, pineapple, coconut, raisins and walnuts all mixed inside. No matter what time of day you enjoy a muffin, they are all delicious.

How to order • Run by and visit them • 14021 Conlan Cir.


Everything is made in house and the taste is just as good as the presentation! With a large selection of pastries one of the biggest challenges is selecting just one or two. Add a specialty coffee to your order, as it will just add to the experience.

How to order • Run by and visit them • 7715 Pineville-Matthews Rd.


Villanis started out as an Italian bakery and still is baking up some of the best Italian treats, but they expanded their menu and offer so much more now. Everything is made from scratch, if you custom order - made to order and if you pop in their store packaged to go. We have to just share, the Blueberry Sour Cream Pie is so good you won't be able to stop eating.

How to order • Order online here if you have a custom order or run by and visit them


This cute little shop in Matthews is making popsicles from scratch and using the freshest ingredients and seasonal to boot. We can't go and get just a regular pop; we have to up the ante and get it chocolate dipped. While the seasonal pops are always intriguing, we can never go wrong with a strawberry dipped in chocolate. In addition, we're going to sneak it in, just because who doesn't want to get a popsicle for man's best friend, they offer a pup pop. Our dogs can't get enough!

How to order • Run by and visit them • 1645 Matthews Township Pkwy.


Snowcones | Snoball Cabin • Indian Trail

There is nothing quite as refreshing on a hot summer's day than a snowcone. While Snoball Cabin is only open seasonally they are making some of the most refreshing snowcones in Union Co. You can mix up to 3 flavors and have some fun themed snoballs throughout the season like the unicorn • shown

How to order • Run by and visit them • 313 N. Indian Trail Rd.


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