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Shows You Need to Watch in 2023

If you have lived in North Carolina long, you know February and March are known to have some occasional snow days. If the weather hits all the elements just right the fluffy stuff is sure to sprinkle down. We also have those not so fun icy storms that will all leave us house bound for a day or two. You are going to need something binge worthy. We are sharing some of the shows we think should be added to your list in 2023.

Here is what we recommend watching this year, if you haven't already! While some of these shows have been out there a little while, there are the ones we recommend you see if you haven't yet, OR if you are like us, you might need to watch it all over again.

Show #1 • Outer Banks

What to expect • Maybe it's because the show is based in the Carolinas, but we couldn't get enough of this series and season 3 releases February 3rd. So the show is about 4 best friends + one new friend who are on the hunt for a treasure that may be the reason for the disappearance of one of the teens dad's. Think Goonies but better!

Picture • © 2021 Netflix, Inc.

Show #2 • Dead to Me

What to expect • Two seasons are out now, so make sure you catch up because season 3 is about to release. When Jen's husband passes away in a hit-and-tun accident it sets off a chain of events, one being an unlikely friendship that will have you hooked.

Show #3 • Wednesday

What to expect • Bringing back the classic Addam's Family character Wednesday Addams and some of her family this is a good combination of nostalgia and new, with the usual Tim Burton spin. Wednesday investigates a string of murders happening at Nevermore Academy. This is a good mix of horror, mystery and fantasy.

Show #4 • House of the Dragon

What to expect • If you liked Game of Thrones (GOT), this is your show! This is the prequel that goes into who will be the successor of the Targaryen dynasty. The Targaryen house has some key player's, but our favorite is Princess Rhaenyra. As the King's first born, this dragon riding beauty is going to conquer it all even though she is not a man.

Show #5 • That 90's Show

What to expect • Speaking of a remake or remix, That 90's Show is bringing back the feel good vibes that we all loved about That 70's Show. Plus, some of our favorite characters are making a cameo and their "children" are now part of the new basement gang. I have a feeling we are in for some laughs!

Picture • © 2022 Netflix, Inc. • Patrick Wymore

Show #6 • Yellowjackets

What to expect • This show is wild in more ways than one! It starts with a girl's high school soccer team who is highly talented and have the opportunity to compete, but before they get where they are going a plane crash strands them. Not only do they need to survive the crash but also the wilderness and each other. It's a little bit of a roller coaster ride every episode.

Show #7 • You

What to expect • Joe may seem ordinary, he's a bookstore manager for heaven's sake, but he is all kinds of stalker crazy. What starts out as a crush becomes a little more malevolent, as he inserts himself into the lives of those he needs to get close to or needs something from. Season 4 comes out in March, so make sure to take it all in, as Joe tends to have multiple personas.

Show #8 • The After Party

What to expect • This whodunnit is Clue meets a high school reunion with some seriously funny characters. Cleary someone dies at the after party and you have to piece together who did it using clues and motive.

Picture • © 2022 APPLE TV+

Didn't see a must see show on this list that you think we just have to watch, either tell us on social media (IG • FB) or send leave a comment below. We'd welcome the suggestions!

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