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Savory & Sweet Handpies •

Everyone is talking about these hand pies. The area foodies can't get enough of these little pockets of goodness and we can see why. They have a signature pie crust and the fillings to meet your savory or sweet needs.

No. 1 | Signature savory hand pies

These flavors comprise their signature selections • Shepard's Pie, Chikken Tikki, BBQ Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, and Paneer Tikki. These classic as always available to order.

No. 2 | Signature sweet hand pies

These classic dessert type pies are their signature selections and also always available • Strawberry, and Blueberry Lemon.

No. 3 | Specialty savory hand pies

Periodically, you can order these special hand pies • Chicken Pot Pie, Fig, Bacon and Brie, Pimento Cheese, Margarita Pizza, Spinach, Egg and Cheese, Tomato Pie, and more.

No. 4 | Specialty sweet hand pies

On occasion, seasonally, and near the holidays • they make Peppermint, Chocolate, Apple Pie, Pecan, Guava Cream Cheese, Blackberry Peach, and more.


You can order any time online or look on their Instagram to find out their location for the week • they tend to be found at some of the local farmer's markets, breweries and festivals.

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