Random Acts of Kindness

Weddington Kindness Challenge • On Thursday, February 17th the World will celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day. We would like to challenge all Weddington Locals to consider being part of the light in our community and to complete 3 random acts of kindness in the month of February.

History Behind Random Acts of Kindness

When it comes to kindness there is nothing greater! Even more so, there can never be enough kindness in this world. If there is one thing, we have learned from all that is going on in the world over the last few years, it is this: Kindness Matters.

The true concept which was the driving force for Random Act of Kindness Day was to simply brighten someone's day. To make someone feel better than when they did prior. Some may argue that one simple act cannot change the world, but the magic lies in the domino effect. When one person does something nice for another, usually the recipient is in a better mood and that energy is usually passed along. When we feel good, we make others feel good even it is with a smile.

It all started in Denver, Colorado in 1995 when a nonprofit organization called The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation decided to make the day official. Each year, knowledge of the holiday and observance became more and more widespread.

Small Acts, Big Results

No. 1 | Instead of posting negativity online, spread some encouragement

No. 2 | Anonymously donate to a charity

No. 3 | Compliment a stranger

No. 4 | Pay for someone's order behind you in the drive thru

No. 5 | Let someone go in front of you in line

No. 6 | Plant a tree

No. 7 | Pick up litter in your neighborhood or community

No. 8 | Do a favor without asking for anything in return

No. 9 | Hold the door open for someone

No. 10 | Bake cookies for the elderly

No. 11 | Mow your neighbor's yard for them

No. 12 | Try not to complain for an entire day

No. 13 | Take the time to listen to someone

No. 14 | Leave your waiter/waitress a nice tip and write a little thank you note on your napkin

No. 15 | Reconnect with old friends

Our Challenge to Weddington Locals

We are challenging residents of Weddington, North Carolina to spread kindness during the month of February. The challenge is as easy as 1...2...3 • pick 3 random acts of kindness and complete them.


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