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Customizing the Kitchen

Written By • Amy Kachin • Senior Design Consultant • Urban Building Group

Kitchens are often referred to as the "heart of the home." Whether your kitchen is big or small, it's the place where we fuel for our day, gather with friends, debrief in the evenings, and organize our minds (and lunchboxes) for the next day. With that many tasks (and honestly so many more) dedicated to one room, customizing these spaces to efficiently tackle all of your needs is one of the fundamental principles of good kitchen design. Here are some of my favorite ways to customize the kitchen...

No.1 • Furniture-Style Pieces

Occasionally a client may have a special request to display a fine China or crystal collection; however, in a kitchen where space is limited, I love to design furniture style pieces that make grabbing everyday dishes a breeze without compromising on style. It's also a great way to incorporate a unique wood species, rich stain, or fun paint color.

No.2 • Prep Areas

Oversized islands are a thing of beauty, but even in the largest of kitchens, as additional prep sink can make hand washing, baking or dicing veggies an easier job. There are also fun prep sinks in interesting materials and handsome faucets that help round out the kitchen design and style factor.

No.3 • Coffee Centers

How do you like your coffee? Centralized! Making your favorite cup of joe shouldn't be a part of your morning cardio. We're centralizing coffee centers and even fitting in compact refrigerators for specialty creamers and open shelves to grab your special mug. My favorite place to put those coffee centers is in a tall, all-inclusive cabinet piece. It keeps countertop clutter down to a minimum and allows you to keep your favorite add-ins right in reach.

No.4 • Hardware

Hardware is like jewelry for cabinets. I love mixing different metals on the island or changing the style of hardware altogether. When planning your kitchen hardware, allow your island to be more custom. These little touches permit your unique style to pop.

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