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Common Heart • Non-Profit Organization

Photo Credit: Common Heart

When it comes to charities making a big difference in Union Co., Common Heart is truly a Small Revolution of Kindness.

This grassroots movement first started in July 2006 when four friends came together in their faith and a thoughtful way to solve a need for some families in Union Co. As they say on their website, "A simple desire caught on. As we shared with folks, we had a crazy thought: maybe it is just as simple as loving God and loving people. It is growing into a small revolution of kindness loving our neighbors and serving those in need."

The need some families in Union Co. are facing is that of hunger and poverty. Common Heart collects non-perishable items a distributes them throughout the community using several food pantries. With several mobile and church-based pantries around the county, Common Heart is doing their part to make sure families have locations that might be convenient.

What started with just four wonderful people with a desire to make a difference, has now grown to be hundreds serving hungry families throughout our community every month. The need for volunteers, donations and funds to help the organization continue to thrive is continuous. There are a variety of ways to become involved or to help. To learn more, click here.

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